"you are so cruel" Angry at the audience, he shoots the strawberry shortcake


The former agricultural worker reminded netizens that he did not know the issues involved, as he had just left the program.

The Farm 14: Strawberry Shortcake is upset with the audience.  Photo: Dancer Reproduction / Official Instagram Story.
The Farm 14: Strawberry Shortcake is upset with the audience. Photo: Dancer Reproduction/Official Instagram Story.

Former rancher Moranguino opened up about the game and talked about the criticism of her followers after leaving A Fazenda 14 (Record TV) and the feud between her singer husband Naldo Beni and her son Vitor, which is still working when she went on the web. the reality And fans asked the dancer her position on the matter, who did not refuse to give her opinion on the facts.🇧🇷

Moranguino used the stories on his official Instagram account on Sunday (11) afternoon: “There’s no way to get a clear position of things that I see parts of.”The celebrity admitted in an angry tone. She reveals her grief at being accused of something she doesn’t share intimately, and only realizes after being detached from reality.🇧🇷

“You come here, say too much, you shoot me with a gun. I didn’t know anything about my son’s business, I didn’t know that my husband mailed, I didn’t know anything. I just realized that when I picked up my cell phone I saw messages about thisI was able to contact my family and find out what was going on.”Illustration of a pawn.

After leaving the event, Mogango revealed that he was not feeling well at the moment: “You’re so cruel, it’s hypocritical as hell. Today I am in the hospital, I am not feeling well. Things, let me go back to my normal life. Let me talk to you.” People I want to talk to. I don’t need to settle anything with you, I don’t need to settle anything with you,” Strawberry Shortcake said, remembering that they were still in the hotel room after the show began production.

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