Xuxa receives greetings and runs to reappear in the nave on stage "sunday": "Teleported me"


The show also featured Poquitas and Xuxa, other morning characters from the animated Globo, as well as Dani Calarsa with “Renha dos Baixinhos”.

Xuxa is emotional when she reappears at Nave's
Xuxa is emotional when she reappears in Nave in “Domingo”. Photo: Reproduction with Hack/Official Instagram Sunday.

In this “Domingão com Huck” (11) adults perform “Batalha lip sync” again. The presenter and eternal queen reappears on the stage of gravity, with the authority of Neve de Tudo, to partner with Danny Calabresa, who mimics the blond reminiscent of Xou Xuxa’s time. The The show features Pakit and other characters Ever since the show animated Globo Morning.

First, the grandeur of Danny Calabresa’s show really made an impact by bringing Nev into the show. After appearing in an impersonation of the former children’s announcer, it wasn’t her role but hers. Xa Meneghel descends from Neve to participate in the tournament. The two were on stage wearing the same clothes, and Calabresa still copied the old-fashioned hairdo complete with rubber bands that was the trademark of blondes in the 80s.

Honoring Sasha’s mother was, of course, pure love for Globo’s Sunday audience and other participants as well. a Actor Ocaro Silva, who opposes the painting with Calabrese, he did not hide his surprise at Soneri’s presence at the event. After the show, Zuksa spoke to presenter Luciano Huck and commented on being back on stage, admitting that for her, it was a way to feel the love of the audience.

“It sounds really cliché, but I’ve been on the road all this time just for your affection, love and respect. Once again I have this guide for all ages”she said Livia Andrade, Globo recently hired Domingo to join him. teamTalk about the moment you met Renha dos Baixinhos: “I am very happy with the opportunity she has given us. I never got the chance to share the stage with her as a little girl. Today she walked in and she took me to a magical world”Previous SBT description.

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