Good and bad schools This is Netflix’s new hit. The fantasy film directed by Paul Feig follows two childhood friends, Sophie and Agatha, who live in the small town of Gavaldon. Sophie is tired of her life and wants to be a princess.

so, Good and bad schools This suggests that she and Agatha were taken to the same school. Thus, Sophie believes that her dreams will finally come true. However, to her horror, she is admitted to the School of Evil, and Agatha, who only arrives to bring Sophie home safely, is now a student at the School of Good.

Sophie refuses to accept this and asks Agatha to help her change schools. With an all-star cast including Charlize Theron and Laurence Fishburne, the film received mixed reviews. Although the cast was praised, some critics said the film had some holes.

However, fans loved it and quickly made the film one of the most watched films in the world. Precisely for this reason, many of these fans question whether a sequel is even possible. Well, that’s what we know School of Good and Evil 2.

School of Good and Evil 2 Will it happen?

straight to the point, School of Good and Evil 2 Netflix has not confirmed this. However, it is still too early to make any decisions for the service. The first movie was released on the service on October 19, and the next few days will be crucial for Netflix to make a decision.

The film is based on Suman Shinani’s 2013 novel of the same name. In contrast, the story seen in the film covers only the first part of a six-book series. It is considered positive that the Netflix continuity confirms the director’s desire to turn the film into a franchise.

me Entertainment WeeklyVig said:

“It’s definitely a goal to be a franchise. So this actor is just a superstar. I have to push myself every time I watch a movie. From Charlize and Kerry and Lawrence to Michelle. [Yeoh] Cate Blanchett’s voice [Storian]For this amazing, deep, bright, creative and charismatic new young actor, it was really exciting.”

So, we can say that there is a high probability of this School of Good and Evil 2 happening However, it depends on the audience on Netflix.

The film ends with suspense

The first film gives off an air of suspense, showing that there is much more to show. At the end of the first film, after Sophie and Agatha return to Gavaldon, Tedros sends an arrow through the vortex, asking for Agatha’s help. As the film ends, Rafal’s dagger pierces the Vortex Worlds and destroys the Arrow before anchoring it firmly to the tree.

Certainly, Feig and his team will be working on adapting the second volume of Chinani’s books. In 2014, the author published the book “A World of Princesses”. In this perspective sequence, we see Sophie and Agatha return to school and discover that they have been separated into boys and girls.

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Thus, School of Good and Evil 2 It will show that all the girls live where Escola do Bem used to be. At the same time, the children occupy what used to be a bad school. Rafale is likely to come back from the dead at some point. So he will try to manipulate Sophie again.

Finally, if all else fails, Netflix will confirm its continuation in the coming months. If that happens, viewers can expect the sequel to release sometime in late 2024. So that’s just an expectation for the premiere.

So, do you think Netflix should produce? School of Good and Evil 2?

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