Tete Zaki is ranked fourthfarm 2022″ (RecordTV) was voted by the least audience, with 27.70% votes. Pawn in the program Get more votes to continue.

Winnie and Barbara keep walking actually show Adani – Faon received the most votes to stay in the program, with 43.33% and Papi is the first to return to HQwith 28.97% votes.

Before the results were announced, Adrian Galistou mentioned the risky tactic of positioning himself in Tati’s field.

“No one in the history of this program has ever returned from a rural area. Good luck,” he said.

Moments later, he reported that the audience had wiped out the pawns.

“Well, first of all, thank you so much for being a part of this story. You will be greatly missed, but I think you will understand why you left today”

“Not really,” Tate said through tears.

I’ll help you: Just because you’re setting yourself up in the countryside. This is a classic in reality shows. Despite setting himself up for some noble cause, he could not return to headquarters. I didn’t believe you when you said that to Curlin in the rest of the person’s time. The audience doesn’t like it

How was the fourth stop created?

Nominated by Alex Gallet, Farmer of the Week, Vienna. Then Bea got the most votes in the house and kicked Barbara out of the booth. Tete, on the other hand, had only one left.

Vinila’s father had refused to participate in the farmer exam. Finally, it was B who got the hat week and escaped from the hot seat.

A Fazenda 2022: What killed Tati Zaki in Roca Four of the Edition?



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Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

Total 362 desire

Who left “Farm 2022”? Remove the pawns from reality

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