Who left the show?  Rosen finished third

Roseanne Pinheiro is the third to drop outfarm 2022″ (RecordTV). She received the lowest ratings from the audience, with only 21.28% of the vote. That they were pawns in the program Get more votes to continue.

Tracking down Deborah and Thiago actually show villagers – The previous two “power couples” voted the most to stay on the show, with 51.45%, and players Footballwith 27.27% votes.

Presenter Adrian Galistou thanked Pawn the reality And ask an unusual question.

“First of all, I want to thank you very much for everything you have given us so far,” he said. It was a beautiful and interesting segment, I want to know if I have any regrets.”

He replied, “No, I am not angry. I’m more affectionate, but I can’t control myself if I get hurt. I am eight or eighty.”

Adrien asks what Dancer said about leaving one. A factual culmination he went to the countryside and the judiciary.

When I mentioned the survey, I thought: “So I have to unmask about 12 people, more or less.” In the first it remains, well, but in the second you are already done. But I felt like I was going out today, I talked to ThiagoRoseanne Pinheiro announced

Fasanda 2022: What killed Rosen Pinheiro in third Roca championship?


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