The last farm before the Grand Final and the last 4 farmers on the hot seat at Fazenda 2022. Papi, Pia, Pele and Iran are about to leave reality, but which one? Vote Vote in A Fazenda 2022 and watch real-time voting at DCI.

The Voice of The Farm 2022

Four finalist pawns are up for grabs and whoever wins will hold a final vote on Thursday to decide who wins the R$1.5 million prize.

R7 Ranch Vote 2022

Poll A Fazenda 2022 – Who’s in the Field?

Who will stay now? Vote in A Fazenda 2022.

Monday (12): Elimination + creation of the Surprise Garden from 22:30
Tuesday (13): Laundry Day + Live Elimination from Surprise Garden from 10:30pm
Wednesday (14): Last party of the season from 22:30
Thursday (15): Grand Final of Fazenda 2022 from 22:30

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