Winnie Patel, Tati Zacky and Barbara Burgess Compete for the week field inFarm 2022″. The audience with the fewest votes will leave the reality show live on Thursday (13). Check out the partial score update of the UOL poll which indicates which pawn is the least popular and which one should be left out.

Farm Poll 2022: likely to be skipped and why. (Photo: Reproduction/RecordTV).

As per the update at 20:21, Winnie seems to be the top candidate with 49.56% of votes. Tate was second with 29.29% and Barbara Burgess polled the lowest at 21.15%. The actress is at risk of being fired this week.

The official ‘A Fazenda 2022’ voting takes place on the R7 portal. Viewers can vote as many times as they want on who they want to be on the reality show. The UOL survey has nothing to do with the official score of the program and serves only as a preliminary survey.

Understand why Barbara was excluded

Barbara and Tati are partners in the game, so their performance in Roca Mata is in jeopardy. With two partners in the fray together to survive in A Fazenda 2022, fans need to split up to vote for both, while the opposing faction member is on his own and thus has all the help and attention he needs.

This explains the advantage of Finney, who currently has more than half of the votes in the poll. Another great example of this situation was Maidan last week. Deborah Albuquerque, Thiago Ramos and Russian Pinheiro face the hot seat. Deborah from the rival faction to other pawns, thus benefiting her throughout the voting period.

Rosen and Thiago had a fierce argument that ended with the disqualification of the dancer with 21.28% of the vote.

Who won the farming race?

This week’s farmer’s race took place between them Pia MirandaBarbara Burgess and Tati Zaki. Vinnie Buttel, the fourth name in the hot seat, was rejected by Funkera last Tuesday (11) during the Roca formation, the remaining name being the last in the dynamics.

The competition was divided into two stages. Initially, pedestrians had to throw balls towards the trampoline and bounce them back, each ball fitting a tire to be used in the next round.

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In the second stage, tires were put on pegs. Each pin had a different score and whoever got the most points won the race. After a fierce fight with Tate, Pea wins the race to become Farmer of the Week and runs away from the farm.

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