Who is Gilberto Gil?  Tropa d'Elite Director Reveals a Brave Story (Watch Video)

This leftist ideology that dominates social networks has taken on a truly unhealthy dimension due to the insults of singer and former Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil, exposing the extent of hypocrisy of those who come forward to “defend” the public. “Gil.

Being one of those opportunists and thinkers, I posted a message tagging the singer’s Twitter profile:

These people are so insane that they don’t realize that when other characters suffer the same revelation, nothing is said, not even mentioned, and they realize that no one is aware of it. To dwell on just four cases, among many, just look at the attacks on Damaris Alves, Regina Duarte, Kasia Kiss and 11-year-old Lorena, the daughter of President Bolsonaro. In the latter case the crime committed by journalist (?) Barbara Gancia.

Note that here are the inciting elements of issues involving women.

Where are the feminists?

But there is nothing to save who Gilberto Gil is… is he the man they say he is? Or is it only his artistic approach that deserves to affirm his personality? In a 2015 interview with Trip TV’s Fernanda Isabela, director Jay Padilha reported that Culture Minister Gilberto Gil would hold “cinema” sessions for friends at his home, which would include copies of pirated films. TROPA DE ELITE Ze Padilha himself. That’s right, people… the pirate version belongs to the Minister of Culture!!! Check out his story.

This is the Brazil of the left. Hypocrites, liars and criminals. Minister of Culture presents a pirated copy of the film. This is Gilberto Gil, who is sung in poetry and prose as a national cultural heritage of a series of exploiters.


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