Fred Nicasio and Marilia They were all removed first from BBB 23- But he won the chance to stay in the secret room. As for the other participants, this pair is definitely out of the game.

While they are in dynamic mode, they can also watch cameras at home and listen to some conversations using cards provided by the program production.

They had five cards to eavesdrop on conversations at home. And I used them all in an hour.

Check out what Fred and Marilia heard on BBB 23:

  • Larissa and Tina said Marilia didn’t add BBB 23, Except for his participation in the punishment of the beast. “What other moment did she have?” asked the model.
  • Shortly after, they hear Tina hitting on Marilla again – this time to Alan: “Apart from the monster problem, I’ve never seen another moment of exposure.” [de Marília]”
  • Gabriel said that Fred, who he clashed with in the first week of the reality show, put a “weight” on his shoulders.

The farm is successfully created

  • Although nothing compromising has been heard from Bruno, Fred ditches his brother for Marilla
  • According to the doctor, Bruno is “malicious and jealous” and feels jealous
  • “He released this poison on purpose and he thinks it’s fun to distort history,” Nicasio said.
  • Marilia agrees with her fellow prisoner and says she doesn’t trust Bruno

How does the secret room work?

  • Fred and Marilia will compete against each other to survive the game, which has already started
  • One of them will go home.while the other will be permanently deleted
  • The result of this dispute will be announced on Thursday (26).

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