Walkers sing happy birthday to Andre as they hear fireworks

Collaboration with Splash in São Paulo

3/12/2022 10:43 PMUpdate in 3/12/2022 10:43 PM

Pedestrians were surprised to hear crackers outside.”farm 2022” (RecordTV).

After he joked that the fireworks were for the A-Team, Papi said, “Congratulations, didi!”. Then, passers-by from Group B sang happy birthday to the 44-year-old musician on Sunday.

Play with friends. “Greetings! thank you Very happy,” Andrei joked. “I had never heard of that. For you, sister. 44… It is I,” said the sinner. Andrei said: “Wow, you got to 44 like that? healthy.” “Okay buddy,” Babi said. “You are doing well. Congratulations, Drika!”

“Her hair is not white! She doesn’t even have hair. She has no hair,” he said, laughing with his friend Iran. “What a wonderful story,” joked Papi.

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