Impressive Virginia Fonseca poses with her big belly at her father-in-law, singer Leonardo’s farm

Digital influencers and entrepreneurs Virginia Fonseca During the last period of pregnancy, you will be surprised when the belly appears outward. You are going to be a mother for the second time. Married to a singer Philip’s dressThey are expecting another baby girl. The baby will be called Maria Flor.

At the 39th week of pregnancy, the youngest child can ever be born. In her social networks, the celebrity does not hide the expectation of the arrival of the baby. She also admitted that she is very nervous right now, just like she was with her first birth.

“You think I’m scared? I had it with my first pregnancy too, when it was getting close and it was fine because it was my first, right? But now it’s Monday too,” said the pregnant woman.

After getting many messages from fans saying that they also went through the same situation, Virginia Fonseca Thanks for the support. I took the opportunity to announce another maternity photo flick that was shot at her father-in-law’s farm, Certnejo. LeonardoLeandro’s ex-spouses.

In the photo, she is standing with her belly showing and holding her eldest daughter. The singer, impressive, and one-year-old Maria Alice look at the camera, in front of a river on their property. There is already a giant flower in the water that was used in the photo session.

“Today is coming to meet our youngest princess…I admit I have a mixture of emotions, anxiety, fear, joy and stress. I feel like I’m a first-time mom (but I get a lot of messages from moms saying they feel the same way as me, so I guess that’s normal, right?)?!), I wrote. Virginia Fonseca.

She continued the comment saying: “But still, I just ask God to give our little flower good health, because love must be given and sold. God has blessed me with a beautiful family and this always gives me strength. Florazinha come, your family is waiting for you my dear.”

Instagram clone Influencer Virginia Fonseca talks about anticipating Maria Flor’s arrival

Virginia Fonseca and Maria Alice pose for a photo shoot by the river at Leonardo's farm

Instagram clone Virginia Fonseca and Maria Alice on a beautiful tap on the river in Leonardo’s farm

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