Viennese analyzes the partisan speeches and Thiago's expulsion

Vinnie Patel eliminated in round six of ‘A Fazenda 2022’ (RecordTV)He talked about whether he was biased against Alex and said he could be kicked out while recording the painting.”farm – Last chance for “Hura de Faro” event.

When asked in The Truth Machine, where an expert analyzes his voice to gauge the authenticity of his answers, about his participation The chaos that led to the dismissal of Cheyenne and Thiago RamosFeeney talked about what would have happened if he hadn’t been caught by other infantrymen.

“The moment you are in a bad mood, I will be fired,” he asserted. He confesses to the machine if he is attracted to Tati Zaki and Devlane Bezera.

As for his controversial speeches, it is believed that his words were biased.

“In retrospect, yes, some things were heavy. I must have missed something mercy“, he said.

He even shared some pictures with caged pedestrians.

A Fazenda 2022: What killed Vinnie Battel in the sixth edition of Pika?


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