Video: Lulaco creates atmosphere with Bolsonaristas members at the Rouge show

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Social networks were abuzz on Sunday (11) with videos recorded in concert by Rouge, a girl group that had success in the 2000s and which sometimes gives performances even though it is no longer active. The singing group, made up of Alan Werley, Fantine Thaw, Karen Hills, Lee Martins and Lou Andrade, has been the subject of many celebrity press reports over the past two decades due to difficult relationships between members. And the reason, this time, is somehow connected to it.

According to publications in recent months, Lee Martins and Lou Andrade will be Bolsonaroists. The first angered the network in 2020 with protests against Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and came to the defense of the authoritarian far-right leader, while the second made headlines online because he started following volleyball player Mauricio Bolsonaro after he delayed Bolsonaro. Very clearly homophobic statements lately.

At this weekend’s event, the audience belted out “Lulaco” and shouted, “Hey, Bolsonaro, go ahead and take it,” to the satisfaction of other members. “I think he’s really taken it, fellas,” said Karen Hills, grinning even, while Ellen Werley made an “L” with excitement, and Fantine Thaw laughed, enjoying herself. Lee Martins seemed to be in a good mood, but Lou Andrade’s face made of discontent and trouble was the subject of netizens’ comments.

At one point, amid applause for the president-elect, Law blushed on stage and allegedly pissed off “L”.

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