After all Every public fight inside the headquarters infarm“, Thiago Ramos Product key He dropped out of the program. The Reality Team recommends reading the Dispute Guide. The rule states that the pawn must read the information and Make sure once again that you have no intention of staying at HQ.

> The Farm: Tomas Costa and Thiago Ramos fight after a party

Thiago Ramos was tense after many controversies. (Photo: TV Recording)

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Immediately after the battle, Thiago Ramos The product warns that it does not want to continue on the ground. She had suffered before. Pia Miranda, Tomas Costa, Lucas Santos, Perola Barreiros, Strawberry, Pele Melfloz And that Winnie Patel He was already insisting that the model state was interested in her Dylan Bezira.

However, fight with Thomas That made him a bit impatient. Therefore, he decided not to continue the dispute. WineAnd that Bruno And that woman Try to avoid the situation. But, nevertheless, he stood by his decision and strengthened his plea to leave.

“I don’t want to stay anymore, can you respect that? I don’t want to stay anymore, so I don’t want them to think of that word. “I want to leave bro,” he said.

Hours after notification, Thiago He went out and explained that he would have to wait for the production to invite him out. Meanwhile, they were talking DuolinHe explained his reason for turning away when he realized that the paradigm had grown. “Look you’ve lost your mind. I’m so sorry about this, man”ventilation

At the time of publishing the agenda, the production of “Vazanda” has not yet been planned Thiago Ramos To leave the reality show. At the time of withdrawal, the household was informed by Ingrid O’HaraWho heard the pawn’s request for production.

who happens After Thiago Ramos withdrew from “Vazanda”?

Urgent!  Thiago Ramos surrenders and asks to leave "farm"
If Record TV officially withdraws, Thiago Ramos will be replaced. (Photo: TV Recording)

With withdrawal Thiago Ramos A new pawn from the program is going to enter the election fray. For those who don’t remember, Adrian Gallistio He said that those who participated store will remain Suspension In the event of withdrawal or expulsion.

Therefore, other participants who have not entered yet victory Pia MirandaAnd that Andre Santos, Claudia Baroness, MC Crowe And that Suji Sasaki You should now be called to come to the farm. However, the decision order has not been communicated earlier TV recording.

However, if you follow the percentages, baron He must be the new pawn in the cast “Form 14”As she finished second in the polls, co 36.54% of public opinion.

Opinion: Which farmer will Lucas refer to in the first section of “A Fazenda 14”.

Even though I was in my first week of confinement, this crap wasn’t lost on the new reality cast. Hence the strategic planning. has already started Roca’s first production of the seasonWhich will be held next Tuesday (20).

LucasNew farmerThis was suggested earlier can indicate Deborah me The first rock of reality. In addition, it is possible to imagine that the position of a farmer, with the responsibilities it confers on a pawn, can often lead to conflict with a participant.

Moreover, it is worth remembering Melfloz pill Fortification will also be done later farmeronce Both completed the test together. In other words, the number of pawns that could be voted on was reduced.

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