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Deputies said he was the victim of a “cowardly attack” coming from LeBlon’s “left boot.”

247 – Federal MP Alexandre Fruta (Prós-SP) announced using his Twitter account that he would decline due to public pressure and “the many cowardly and biased attacks I have received”. Invitation from Lula’s government to create a cultural working group within the Transitional Team🇧🇷

“Talking to people, I’ve seen the cowardly and biased attacks I’ve received for calling for a culture transition, attacks with my family coming from the left boot ward in Leblon. The prejudice that speaks of many countries is changing,” he tweeted.

🇧🇷 Four reasons to join Fruta Lola’s Transitional Culture team

The MP concluded, “Considering bias, they talk about diversity, opportunity for all, respect for differences, non-judgement (not that). Thank you.”

Fruta was announced by Vice-President-elect Geraldo Alcmin (PSB) last Tuesday (22) to join the Culture Working Group of the transition team of President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Workers’ Party).

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