It seems that the recent events of “BBB 23” did not make the cast working with TV Globo happy. On Friday (17), Aline Moraes used her social networks to share a harsh criticism of the broadcaster’s reality.

The actress’ appearance comes after both MC Guime and Cara De Sapato were dropped from the show following allegations of harassment by co-star Dania Mendez. This fact caused a huge impact on the web with reactions from unknown and famous people.

On her Instagram, Aline shared a post by pedagogue Vinicius Campos. “Anyone who is a supporter of human rights should not just look at the BBB. The existence of the program violates human rights.Profile books. Later, the global actress repeated this idea in stories.

Aline Moraes spoke out against TV Globo (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

The one who spoke about the matter was Rafa Kaliman. A former contestant on the 20th edition of the reality show criticized Funkeiro’s attitude. “About BBB tonight, I was very upset. A classic of what happens without cameras. There, probably. ” [Guimê] He’ll come out and say it wasn’t cheating (many don’t consider it cheating), he doesn’t mean, ‘you’re exaggerating’, he was drunk and didn’t realize he crossed his arms or a thousand other excuses. Respect is non-negotiableThe presenter commented.

Later, she also supported singer Lexa, who is Gimme’s wife. “Lexa is one of the most amazing women I know, strong, very intelligent, good energy, beautiful, hot and a great partner”he wrote on Twitter. “Just to make us realize that it’s not about us, it’s about someone else. You should not question our greatness in the immature youth of man.”she said

Guimay issued a statement on the matter on Friday night (17). After being accused of harassing Dania Mendes, the artist apologized to the participant of “La Casa de los Famosos”. The musician quoted Lexa in his video and expressed his desire to forgive his wife. Watch and know the details. Click here.

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