César Tralli invades Globo commercial with news that devastates Brazil (Reproduction: Globo)

Cesar Traelli is Manuela’s father and Rafinha Justos’ stepfather

Cesar Tralee She has a daughter Tasien PineroBut remember Ravinia Justuswife’s daughter Roberto enthusiasms, his heir. On social media, they shower their followers with love and attention.

Manuela Pinheiro Trali is only 3 years old and she is always seen smiling on her mom and dad’s social networks. On the other hand, Rafinha is 13 years old and is already mesmerizing social networks with her kindness and wit. The weather is the best in the Pinheiro trolley family.

Cesar Trelli and Manuela Pinheiro Trelli (Photo: Reproduction)

Already Ravenha is talking

Cesare Traelli has already made it clear that he loves Ravinia Justus and is happy that he is like a father to her. It should be noted that Roberto Carlos is very present in his daughter’s life and, like many irresponsible parents, he is an example to follow.

Thus, Rafinha enjoys the love of her father and stepfather. For example, in a statement on social networks, Cesare Tralli said that Tisci’s first daughter taught him how to be a father.

Here is my place: in you. That wonderful energy that bahaya always brings me… Rava is lost, he may not be there, but he is always present in my thoughts, in my yearnings. Because I have learned to parent with her and I have always been fascinated by her,” he said.

Family of Cesar Tralli and Titian Pinheiro (Photo: Reproduction)
Family of Cesar Tralli and Titian Pinheiro (Photo: Reproduction)

the past

Although he is a public figure, Tralee lives his personal life in a very modest way and not many people know about it, but the presenter of the journal Hoge was already married to the Globo broadcaster, before his current wife.

From 2010 to 2013, César Tralle was married to Flavia Freire, a presenter at Platinum. In fact, before that, he was also married to model Kasia Avila from 2006 to 2007.

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