A new movie in the franchiseTransformerYou’ll win its first trailer this Thursday, the first, during the panel Basic Images from CCXP. The news was reported by journalist Matt Ramos, who also released the tagline, “Demon Awakening🇧🇷

Check it out, along with pictures and photos of Optimus Prime and Battletrap, who will be one of the terrorists in the reboot.

“Great news. Here we have a great overview of inspired packagingDemon Awakening. I can say that I absolutely love him. Not to mention our best look at OPTIMUS PRIMAL! “

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The Basic Pictures has decided the schedule of the film today 8 June 2023🇧🇷

The first banner of the film was recently unveiled at Hasbro’s Ignite investor event. The image shows the film’s title in the foreground and an old circular sign surrounded by green vegetation in the background, giving the franchise a more raw look than before.

May refer to symbols monster Which will be seen in the movie. are representations of similar numbers Optimus Primal, Rhinox, Airazor and Scorponok.

View art issued by Web movies🇧🇷

🇧🇷Transformer: Awaken the demonsIt will be the first in a new trilogy and will be released in 1994, showing two people in Brooklyn finding themselves in an old conflict involving three groups … Transformer🇧🇷 has directed the film Stephen Capel Jr🇧🇷

“We wanted to give the audience a lot of news. Like I said we are tired of the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons. So we meet a new set of villains and priorities, and it’s left to the Autobots, in this case the Maximals, to save the world. Part of the new stuff is, if you’ve seen the other movies, you’ll see the villains.” You’ve never seen them before, and you’ve never seen a lot of things we’ve done before.” Lawrence of Bonaventure🇧🇷

Filming has already finished in Peru.

See synopsis and photos:

Return to the action and spectacle that first captivated moviegoers around the world 14 years ago”Transformer‘an original,’Transformer: Awaken the demonsIt will take the audience to a world adventure set in the 90s and introduce it maxims, predacons And that terrorist Meanwhile to fight on the ground Sangkame And that The Decepticons🇧🇷

The great villain will be the Scourge, which includes the pieces Transformer Defeat your body. We will also have Optimus Primal, the gorilla leader of the Maximals, who is close to Optimus Prime.

The story takes place in Machu Picchu, Peru, South America and the United States.

Anthony Ramos (“In New York City”) and Dominic Fischbach 🇧🇷Judas and the Black Christ‘) They star in the next film in the franchise, which was Text written by Joby Harold 🇧🇷King Arthur: Legend of the Sword🇧🇷

This epic movie launched in 2007 🇧🇷Transformer🇧🇷 Despite harshly negative reviews for most of the film, it has consistently performed well at the box office. Directed Michael BayAnd the first five seasons achieved more than that $4.3 billionSo role 🇧🇷Bumblebee🇧🇷By order of Travis Knightcaptured 92% agree in Rotten tomatoes And he almost grew up 469 million US dollars🇧🇷

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