Carmo Dalla Vecchia couldn’t contain her emotions when she talked about her son Pedro’s first tap-dancing performance and his relationship with Joao Emmanuel Carneiro.

Carmo Dalla Vecchia was impressed by her son's dance school performance
🇧🇷 Play / Instagram @carmodallavecchiaCarmo Dalla Vecchia was impressed by her son’s performance at the dance school

Carmo Dalla Vecchia She posted a statement on social media about her son Pedro’s passing and his relationship with novelist Joao Emmanuel Carneiro. The actor was shown crying after watching the boy’s tap dance performance.

When Pedro asked to take tap-dancing lessons, I feel a little angry If he is doing this because of my influence or if he is just talking about his happiness. I have always made it clear that if he never wants it anymore, just tell me. Last week there was a school performance and during the last rehearsal he decided not to go on stage and I understood everything. I was tired and scared and no one knows better than me what it’s like to have stage fright,” began the actor.

And he added: “The day of the show came and ten minutes before he introduced himself, Nani sent me a message on my cell phone saying he had given up and asked me out and I went to find him backstage. I saw that the other older students were mothers and were performing on stage and waiting for my reaction. I took him in my armsI smiled a lot and said no problem and he will do as he wants and mom smiled at me. I said it was normal to be nervous, but I asked him if he wouldn’t like to see backstage and if he felt like it he would. That’s what we agreed and did, it was time for him to come in, he looked at me and I said, ‘go son, have fun’…and go,” he added.

Finally, Carmo commented on her feelings With the Junior Show. “I think he felt safe with his father’s presence. I missed my father and had the opportunity to heal with my son by his side. I saw my son happy and calm as my father thanked me and Pedro and I thanked him for giving me the opportunity to be by his side in that moment. Thank you!”

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