The financial situation of Brazilians can be fragile. At the end of the year, official employees count on the 13th salary, but on the other hand, other bills may appear, such as Christmas gifts and celebrations, payment of IPVA or IPTU taxes, among others.

Due to this, citizens can improve their economic life. In this sense, getting a “little boost” from astrology can be something that many people don’t mind. As the year 2023 approaches, the predictions of which signs will earn the most money in 2023 have already started.

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In the coming year, some signs will make more money than others, especially those who can count on the help of Jupiter, Pluto and Venus.

According to astrologer Rox Borchers, in conversation with WeMystic, there are four signs that will be more important in financial life in 2023. Are you on this list?

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Check out the list!


The first sign on the list is Taurus. In this way, Torrens will be able to count on the help of energy to find the security and stability they seek. Jupiter is expected to influence this issue, allowing more profits from the second half of the year in May 2023.

However, already in March positive signs can be seen in economic life. Between April and May, the moment may be favorable for a financial review as Mercury retrogrades in Taurus.


The love forecast for Aries in 2023 may not be the most favorable, however, financially, the situation is favorable for the coming year. As Jupiter moves aggressively in the sign, good news has started coming in at the beginning of the year.

In the coming year, the energy already possessed by Aryas may increase due to the influence of planets working directly in the sign. This could be an opportunity for the Aryas to achieve what they have wanted for some time.


Due to the alignment of planets, Sagittarius people will get many opportunities in 2023. So, this could be an opportunity for Sagittarius to get a project that they have kept away from Earth for a long time. The best time for this can be around June.

If a citizen of this sign already has a job, it is worth devoting more studies and projects to benefit his career. Already in August, studies may be more favorable, especially for the course you want to start.


At the beginning of the year, Aquarians may reconsider their presence in jobs they don’t like or activities they do outside of duty. Planetary alignments can help Aquarius in new ways, with higher levels of creativity and collaboration.

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Signs that jobs will change in 2023

Along with the arrival of new energy next year will come other opportunities. This is the case, for example, for some signs looking to change careers. Check out which of those jobs to change!


Aries can be enthusiastic, especially those who are already thinking or want to, because the year will be favorable for you to start your own project.


Taurus natives should start the year thinking that the place they are in right now is really making them happy and fulfilling all their needs. Time for a change!


Geminis will feel overloaded with work, which makes them feel the need to look for other opportunities in the future.


Finally, Cancers who want to open their own business or focus on becoming leaders where they are can count on luck to give them everything they dream of.

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