There are Certnejos who publicly declare that they vote for Lula.  who knows

Brazilian music Divided politically. Funk, Rap, Pop and MPB are on the left and have declared their support for Lula since the beginning of the campaign. Foro and Certanejo defend the incumbent president. However, Forro rarely manifests itself because its base is in the northeast, the region most supported by Lula. However, the Leodias columnist found that Lula has a defender in country music who, yes, he defends with an open mind, on stage.

Louana Prado of Goyas does not hide her opinion from anyone and says it loud and clear in her performance that her vote will be in favor of the Labor Party. She asked her audience to make an “L” out of Louana and Lula.

Support Joao Gomez Lula was the only presence on the Forro show. But his managers opposed him.

In 2018, Marilia Mendonca Join the #EleNao campaign against the election of President Bolsonaro. However, after several attacks, she had to delete her post. The atmosphere was growing, and Marilla thought it best to keep quiet.

So the pillar asked for advice Mayara and Marissa To see if they would publicly announce who they would vote for, the answer was straightforward: “Myra and Marissa won’t talk.”

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