The weatherman, who had undergone total knee replacement surgery less than a month ago, entered the studio with a cane and an infectious laugh.

WASHINGTON – The hosts of “Today” got an early morning shock when Al Rooker entered the studio class on Thursday.

Rooker, 68, has been away from the NBC morning show for several weeks while he recovers. Total knee replacement surgery earlier this month. The weatherman was not expected back until next week.

Co-hosts Shanell Jones, Dylan Dreyer and Craig Malone were left shocked when Rooker approached them with a cane and an infectious laugh at the end of a segment.

“Al Rooker, he surprised us with a little surprise pop-in.” Malone explained in surprise. “We weren’t expecting that – frankly.”

Jones said the hosts were expecting to see Rooker later in the day but were surprised to see him on the live show. According to “Today”.

The 68-year-old previously shared on the show that the surgery was like a “replacement replacement” since he had knee replacement surgery 23 years ago. After his procedure on May 9, the weatherman told his co-hosts that he started walking the day after surgery.

It wasn’t the first time Rooker had been taken off the air recently due to medical issues.

In late 2022, the “Today” show weatherman was off the air for nearly two months after being hospitalized for blood clots in his lungs and legs. He missed his first Thanksgiving Day parade in 27 years due to hospitalization in November.

Back in 2020, Rooker was off the air for a few weeks after undergoing prostate cancer surgery. He revealed at the time that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer but caught it early. Rooker explained that he decided to share his diagnosis publicly to encourage others — especially black men. Which studies indicate are at higher risk. – To make sure they see a doctor and get proper check-ups to prevent cancer which is very treatable if detected early.

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