After more than a week, he has sung Rock in Rio On the stage of the festival sponsor, the director of Sinrural (Rural Union) in Imperatriz, Maranhão, made a statement refusing to accept the singer in the exhibition park of the city, which is in charge of the union, for the event on October 29.

At Rock in Rio, the young singer led the chorus against the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) when saying “Hey Bolsonaro” and the audience completes the sentence with “vai na c*” as shown in online videos. This was the reason why the guild managers abandoned the situation, which led to their refusal to provide space for their shows through the “Bizro” festival.

“Good evening people! We are here from Grameen Union Council [viemos] We were informed that we want to present the performance of the singer Joao Gomez in our arena, which we reject”, begins talking about a director in a video posted on social media yesterday. Splash He was found to be Chief Afonso Danda of Sinrural.

Then he judges:[Negamos] Because of his abuse of our President Bolsonaro’s character. They said they were not welcome at the exhibition park “because our flag is green and yellow,” added another director, Glen Maya.

The post after Joao Gomes performed at Rock in Rio 2022 on the first weekend of the festival

Photo: Playback / Instagram @joaogomescantor

Two days after performing at Rock in Rio, João Gómez apologized on Twitter for leading a chorus against current president and re-election candidate Jair Bolsonaro. In the same post, he also apologized three times for making a political statement.

“I was wrong and disrespected some fans… I don’t support any science, but I was irresponsible. I wanted to apologize for mentioning a name I could never mention. I was wrong, and I apologize profusely. I apologize… I am a perpetual learner,” he wrote.

Joao Gomez posted on his Twitter account apologizing for his attitude towards President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter @joaogomescantor

“The Show Will Be”

Joao Gomes has a show at Imperatriz on October 29 with Vitor Fernández and Tarcisio do Accordion. On the website where tickets are sold through Brazil Ticket, there is still a venue for the Exhibition Park presentation, which is advised to be pesero at 5pm. The “Biggest Pesero Festival in Brazil” will take place in Vitoria and São Paulo on October 8 and 11, respectively, before coming to Imperatriz (Massachusetts).

Splash Ask the singers to comment on the video of the syndicate director and whether there is a new location for the performance. In response, AABB President Elton Gomes (Union of Athletes Banco do Brasil – Imperatriz / MA) sent a link to a video on Instagram.

“I want to tell you that I saw the result of the cancellation of the show Joao Gomez, who started his career and today is successful nationally and internationally. AABB makes itself available […] And it will provide you free AABB space lease [da Imperial Promoções]Elton said in the video.

He later justifies it by saying that this reaction is due to the protection of his culture: “For we do not agree to any revenge against culture, neither from the Empress, nor from the Maranhas, nor even in our own country. Regardless of whether Joao Gómez voted for Lula or not. Or vote for Bolsonaro or Ciro. Or any other candidate, we will welcome them here with open arms.”

Imperial Promisses, responsible for the transfer of Joao Gomes to Imperatriz, spoke out on social media. “The SinRural Directors’ intolerance of João Gomes taking place in the Parque de Exposições explains why Imperatriz does not have the importance it deserves on the national stage,” he began.

“The economic movement here in the region is huge. The trade will turn over millions. Everyone is affected: manicurists, beauty salons, app drivers, chains of hotels and restaurants, street vendors and the entire food chain whose livelihood he makes at home through the opportunities created at such festivals.”

Finally, the post signed by Rodrigo Brasmar – candidate for Federal Deputy for PP-MA and in charge of Imperial Promises – ends by saying that “the show will happen and be a success”.

through a letter sent to SplashConfirming that the show will take place on October 29, the company thanks “everyone’s affection, attention and support”.

1 - Personal collection / Rodrigo Brasmar - Personal collection / Rodrigo Brasmar

AABB Imperatriz President, Elton Gomes and Rodrigo Brasmar, owner of Imperial Promo

Photo: Personal archive / Rodrigo Brasmar

The organization also confirmed that the parade will take place at the Athletics Association in Banco do Brasil in Imperatriz (Massachusetts). The venue has a capacity of 10,000 people and is already on the website selling tickets.

See full note

Imperial Promotions, in connection with the Joao Gomes show in the park, comes to the audience to thank the affection, attention and support of all those against the act of intolerance promoted by the directors of the Imperatriz Rural Federation. D Fair

We are grateful for the support of AABB Imperatriz, for spontaneously taking up the cause and ensuring that Imperatriz gets the “PiZRO” festival on 10/29, which is held in the capital of the country, from north to south. Thus, we assure that there will be an offer. Everything is preserved, only by changing the location!

Singers Vitor Fernandes, Tarcísio do Acordeon and João Gomes will present an unforgettable show, with the standard of royal performance quality you already know.

It doesn’t stop there; Bonus, we’ll be broadcasting the finale Editor’s Cup, between Flamengo x Atlético-PR, with a large audiovisual structure. Because you deserve to live this experience!

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