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Planning for To premiere in 2024 on Globoplay, a series on the life of Xuxa Meneghel The search for an actress to represent the young stage of Queen of Juniors has begun. The chosen person should be between 23 and 25 years old and will interpret the stories that the blonde did in the 80s when she was a model and started presenting Xou da Xuxa (1986-1992).

This serial is produced by Gullane Entertainment and its name is Queen. According to direct information received from him newsOne requirement is that the young actress is similar to Xuxa – both in size and height [1,78m]- and being willing to change her hair according to the show’s creative decisions, as well as having the same “energy” and “smile”.

At a Rio2C event in April, Globoplay confirmed that the series will reveal the path of Xuxa, from a girl in the Rio Grande do Sul countryside to becoming the queen of juniors, “after intimacy, behind the scenes and much more about the Latin American icon. .”

There will be eight episodes in the production and the idea is that the plot will follow Xuxa’s 30-year life in 1993.

Xuxa is everywhere

In addition to the biographical series, Xuxa’s story will also be told in a Globoplay documentary signed by Pedro Biel and Cassia Dian. During the recording, journalists campaign A reunion between The Communicator and Marilyn MatosHis former manager.

Outside of Globo, Xuxa develops projects with Disney+ and Prime Video. Disney Broadcast features the cast Swimming series with Angelica. The recording has already ended, and the plot is a fantasy adventure about the legend of the people of the Amazon jungle.

On the Amazon platform, actor Karwan Das Drags presents a reality show. Along with Ikaru Kadoshi, the pair travel the country in search of the ultimate Brazilian queen.

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