Bella Campos bringing fashion to life in Wet land, during her participation in Que História é Essa, Porchat? .

On stage, the actress stood up and showed the wound on her leg, explaining when the animal bit her. Recorded with artists from Mato Grosso do Sul During the last flight.

“He opened his mouth […] He was so big, he was a “big crocodile”. bite my leg And here was the eye part. Bella explains that she has scars and scars.

“This is the underside of the teeth and there are three teeth here. And down here, the torn pieces are left because the lower teeth are fine […] And there is a real access behind it,” added the actress Fabio Porsche Check out squatting on the floor. “Oh my God!” the presenter shouted.

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Left bite marks on the actress

Bella also mentioned that she accidentally killed the animal after the attack and asked the cast for help. I cried out, and said: Alas, the crocodile has bitten me! I got out of the water and sat down. What I saw was a real pit. When people around me saw, they believed,” he said.

translator plants He also maintained that before the journey he had undergone the necessary vaccinations as per the broadcaster’s request. She also said that she had consulted an alligator expert after the incident, who assessed the scare as “superficial”.

Written by Benedetto Roy Barbosa, the television series Pantanal was telecasted in the 1990s by Manchete (1983–1999) which no longer exists. Globo version adapted by Bruno Luberigrandson of the author. In October, the network will premiere Travesia, a Gloria Perez storyline.

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