Politics in Brazil is getting closer to the entertainment world. Public figures declared their preference in the election. They use social media, but they also start political debates on stage. Even celebrities who didn’t talk about it decided to go “out” in this election and announced their opinion.

The second round will be held on October 30. In addition to the presidential race, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (in English) and Jair Bolsonaro (PL), 12 states will elect their governors in fresh elections.

Check out the celebrities who stood out:


A little more than two years ago Anita In a live broadcast on Instagram, Jahil was invited to ask whether ministries are part of the judiciary. Since then, the singer has not only gone through an intense process of politicization but has also influenced debates about politics and elections. Until the recent vote for former President Lula.

Anita supports Lola. Recently, the singer got interested in politics

Photo: Playback / Twitter

Anita also offers to leverage Lula’s online advertising to counter her influence. “Anyone who wants to help me prosper here on the Internet, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram asks me if it is within my reach and not against the election law, I will do it,” the singer wrote on Twitter.


Ludmila called the announced vote for Lula a “concession”.

Photo: Reproduction / Ricardo Stockert

During the 2018 election, singer Lyudmila was called “exempt” by fans, and now she appears in a video campaigning for the Labor Party. She also protested Jair Bolsonaro at Lollapalooza. In March, the artist also published a photo with Lola describing the candidate as a “former and future president”. After meeting at an event in Rio de Janeiro.

“Lollapalooza’s ‘fora Bolsonaro’ wasn’t just a fad. I have been watching and understanding what is going on in politics and what needs to change for some time.


Neymar recorded a video singing funk Bolsonaro - Klon - Klon

Neymar recorded a video singing Funk Bolsonaro

Photo: Reproduction

There is another famous person who has always been criticized for not taking part in politics who has come out of the closet this time. Football Neymar. Paris Saint-Germain Striker (Paris Saint-Germain) and Brazil national team Bolsonaro’s support was announced on the eve of the first round in A video posted on social media by Senator Flavio Bolsonaro.

In the recording, the player dances to the sound of A sing Who says “Vote, vote and confirm: 22 is Bolsonaro” and his hands mark 22, referring to the current representative number in the jar. “This is how famous people who don’t need government favors do it,” Flavio wrote on Instagram.

Carlinhos Maya

Carlinhos Maya Announces Lula - Clone / TV Globo / Fantastic - Clone / TV Globo / Fantastic Vote

Carlinhos Maya tells Lula not to disappoint him

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo / Fantastic

Digital influencer Carlinhos Maya, 31, has been criticized for not taking a political stand. In this election, he revealed on his social networks which candidate he would vote for in the presidential election. He declared his support for Lula.

“Please don’t let us down. I voted 13,” he wrote in a post on Twitter, where he has nearly 3 million followers. The text was accompanied by a photograph of the Labor leader.

Yvette sanglo

Yvette Sangalo at The Rock in Rio 2022;  The singer announced his support for Lula last weekend - Julio Cesar Guimarães / UOL - Julio Cesar Guimarães / UOL

Yvette Sangalo at The Rock in Rio 2022; The singer announced his support for Lula this month

Photo: Julio Cesar Guimaraes / UOL

the singer Yvette sanglo Always charged with political office. During his performance at the Mundo Theater, in Rock in RioI talked about diversity and respect. “There are many families and they are strong. They build and maintain independent countries. Nothing can stop us from being happy all the time. It’s a new time.” Soon, he continued the conversation with “The next day we’re going to change everything.”

The singer did not name the candidates on the occasion, but it was a clear message to those who doubted her support or criticism of the current government. The audience responded with “Bolsonaro exit” chants.

Last Saturday (15), The singer was even sharper as the audience danced to “wet, wet, first”. Lola.”. Ivette commented to the audience, “And no one can change that, right people?”. She even made an “L” for Lola with her own hands.

Xuxa Meneghel

Xuxa - clone / Instagram - clone / Instagram

Xuxa Meneghel revealed the vote on social networks

Photo: Playback / Instagram

Presenter Zuxa Meneghel has spoken out on her voting options for the first time. She released a video announcing her support for former president Lula (Labour) in this year’s election. Xuxa appeared wearing a red coat and made an “L” sign with her hands. “First round. Love, respect and democracy,” he wrote.

Fatima Bernardis

Fatima Bernardis - Agnews - Agnews

Fatma Bernardes decided to support Lula

Photo: Agnews

Another unprecedented statement came from Fatima Bernardes, who took to Instagram to express her support for Lola. In a video posted on the social network, the presenter said that she felt the need to express her opinion after other people also appeared. That federal rep. Tullio is dating Jadela (REDE), who has declared his support for Labour.

“In my recent posts, many people have decided to express their opinions. I have followed these appearances with respect and interest. Now it’s my turn,” he wrote. The journalist said that until then she always kept her opinion a secret because it was her right and she was playing a role.


Angelica - Brazil News - Brazil News

Angelica said she was hesitant, but had not considered supporting Bolsonaro

Photo: Brazil News

Presenter Angelica went on the network to announce her vote for former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) and said she never thought of choosing Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the elections.

“I had a lot of trouble making up my mind,” he said. “It is worth noting that at no time did I intend to vote for the incumbent president. I finally decided to vote for Lula.

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