The creation of the program’s first “Phase Two” Hot Seat was marked by great fanfare

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During tonight, Thursday (25), the first elimination of the “second phase” of A big achievement. The production of the first Hot Seat was a big mess and included Gilles de Vigor, a former BBB who insisted on defending his sister Janiel.

Three are stuck, questioning the public’s choice to continue the battle for the millionaire prize Bruno TalamoFormerly limited to A Fazenda and supported by Sonia Abrao; Natalia Devato, ex BBB 22; That’s it Bruno Camargo, Who was sent into the limelight after Thiago Cervo beat Dynamism which saved him from elimination.

According to the latest update of the UOL portal, Bruno Talamo, whose journalist Sonia Abrao made a joint effort to win the event, is the public’s favorite to remain in captivity, with 44.52% of the vote. Natalia Devato came in second with 41.31% of the vote.

Grande Conquista poll: Who should stay on the reality show?

Grande Conquista poll: Who should stay on the reality show?

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So far, according to the latest updated part of the UOL poll, the one who should leave A Grande Conquista on Thursday night (25) is Bruno Camargo, who received only 14.13% of the vote. It’s worth noting that in RecordTV reality shows, votes are meant to keep attributes in the show, not cancel them.

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