The Farm 14 photo director was fired after the participant was mentioned in the photo

In the first hours, Moses worked to explain what the knights were doing

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter: @moisesdtv

one Photo manager who worked actually show Villagers Farm 14From the record, the photo mentioning the participant was pulled after it was posted Dylan Bezira.

Moses Soares He was working early in the morning when he promptly posted a picture. In the recording released by the director, he was in front of a screen showing images taken with various cameras of the show. The lawyer was cooking dinner while the boy was on shift. He wrote the following caption: “Cooking Dawn with Chef Devlan.”

One Twitter user did not like the tone of the post and shared the photo, which refers to the profiles of people important to the reality, such as the attraction’s director, Rodrigo Carelli, and presenter Adrian Gallistu.

“That guy’s working the field cameras, rooting for ‘Dybolan’. Can you do that?”

Soares was shot and posted on social media: “You have offended a family man and a loyal businessman! After years, I am leaving a project and a job that you have always loved. What I would like to do is you throw it in the trash to show your strength. Congratulations.”

On the morning of Monday, the 26th, the director wrote on Twitter: “Says a lot about how I feel today: cloudy and rainy.” As of now, the announcer has not commented on the matter.

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