Gian and Giovanni ended their partnership after almost 26 years

the singer Jian And that Giovanni One of the biggest couples in Brazil, despite their past success, they broke up in 2014 and ended their partnership after 26 years together. The reason was finally revealed in the press.

It turns out that Giovanni confirmed that Gian attacked him with kicks and punches: “The two ended because, in July, Gian traveled on a crazy bus, pushed me and punched me three times in the throat, threw me to the ground, kicked me. I got a lot of punches in the lower part and stomach. Band like everyone was pissed off,” began the singer, who followed:

i am tired I want to live in peace and happiness. It will be better this way. He assaulted me because he didn’t want to give me the money he owed me. I will forgive the debt. Pay and everything will be fine.

“I got on very well with him all my life. He’s not sick, no. He is doing very well. I took this decision in July,” added the singer.

The other side of history

Gian said in an interview with Extra newspaper that the fight was a result of Giovanni’s behavior. Certanejo gave his own version of the nonsense.

“When I arrived, I tried to get on the bus to continue my journey by lying on the bed. At that moment, he stood in front of me preventing me from entering. The second time I tried to get in, I hit him on an order and he shielded Jian from behind with his elbow, as if he was going to hit me.

It was instant reaction, action and reaction. Then I gave him one. I held him, then the security guard came and separated us. “His reaction was aggressive and I also reacted aggressively,” Jian explained.

However, the two already understood each other and decided to forget the past and work together again.

Gian and Giovanni had a big fight (Image: Clone)
Gian and Giovanni had a big fight (Image: Clone)

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