"Stupid like dad";  Paulo Andre kicks the bucket, rages and reveals offensive comments against his son.


The former brother, on Twitter, decided to post some of the prejudicial attacks he received after his one-year-old son “Pezinho’s” birthday.

Photo: Instagram / Paolo Andre
Photo: Instagram / Paolo Andre

since leaving BBB 22where he finished second, Paul Andre Collected Differences. The former brother has already made it clear that he will continue his career as an athlete, but he also took the opportunity to do some work as a model. Last Wednesday (31 years old), her son known as “Pezinho” won a surprise birthday party.

in InstagramThe influencer shared some clicks and shakes: “So wonderful and so happy, we celebrate this little boy’s life with all our might because he deserves it so much! Thank you for making me better every day, boy, I love you with all my heart! Thank you to everyone who participated in the most amazing night of my life.”.

Paulo Andre and his son were racially abused

However, this Monday (5th) night on his account Twitter“partner” Peter Scooby He revealed some of the racist comments he received after his son’s birthday: “Wow, great idea, jungle theme, already had a monkey and a marmoset”A user wrote. “Stupid Like Dad”Posted by another internet user. “I hate black people like you”said one of the attackers.

“For those of you who say it’s not necessary, I’m going to guide you a little more directly.”he said Urinary excretion. The runner-up took this moment to continue the breakdown: “Black Win Upset! Those who have no color are said to be mad.”. The heartthrob’s post has gone viral and has already crossed 11,000 likes, as well as many comments.

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