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The last of usThe new HBO series has garnered praise from critics and audiences alike The latest episodefor a long timeWhich tells a love story Bell and Frank. However, the legendary master of suspense King Stephen Not among his defenders. in Your social networkThe author criticizes one particular point of the episode: its location.

In the plot, Bill survives the apocalypse by calmly defending a ghost town with traps and gadgets that deter infected invaders and humans. Until one day Frank came into her life.

After falling into his trap, the man claimed to have walked about 10 miles from Boston. But for King, the fact that the city in which the episode takes place is so close to Boston doesn’t make sense.

Many of the author’s fans defended his stance, arguing that the mountainous backdrop seen in the episode did not match the expectations of that geographical area. Others responded that it all depends on how those kilometers are calculated, since the character may not have taken the traditional route of avoiding bandits. A dedicated fan even showed where the city might be on a map. Check:

On the other hand, Ally McKee, an American TV presenter, was furious that King was involved in details that were not relevant to the story. “Have you found this to be one of the best episodes of TV?” This is what the question writer answered “Oh, I like it. I’m just saying…”

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New episodes of The last of us reaches up to HBO Max Every Sunday at 23:00.

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