Ticketmaster said it was asked by “Taylor’s team” to create an additional opportunity for select fans to purchase tickets to Swift’s “Era” tour.

WASHINGTON — After all the chaos surrounding Taylor Swift’s long-awaited Eras tour appearance, some people will now have another chance to buy tickets.

Select fans who signed up for the Verified Fan presale were sent an email on Monday informing them of the opportunity to request a ticket purchase.

According to the email and Ticketmaster’s website, those chosen for the occasion were fans who received a “boost” during the presale but did not end up purchasing tickets afterward. Before the Nov. 15 presale, fans who had previously purchased tickets to Swift’s pandemic-cancelled “Louvrefest” were told they would get priority access to tour tickets (a “boost”), but the same website Faced with crashes, long waits and mindless shopping like everyone else.

“We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced, and the Taylor team has asked you to create this additional opportunity to purchase tickets.” A post on Ticketmaster’s website explained..

After all the chaos surrounding the pre-sale, Ticketmaster canceled the general on-sale, citing insufficient remaining tickets and fueling fan outrage. Swift herself said the ordeal “really freaked me out.”

It is unclear how many total tickets are available through this additional opportunity. Ticketmaster’s website notes that if a fan’s request price range is not available, it will “do its best to provide you with additional options for requesting tickets.”

Fans who were notified Monday will receive an individual invitation to submit a purchase request before Friday, Dec. 23, Ticketmaster’s website said.

Now here’s the bad news, if you didn’t get the email on Monday, you weren’t selected and you’ll have to find tickets some other way.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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