one public brawl The crowd was rocked Sunday evening (10/16) at the Samba da Fera event bahia. Gangs Anesthetizing A samba tarator stormed the stage during the event. According to one of the other group’s managers, the commotion may have started after the band members tried to salute singer Marcio Victor from Pasereco.

In an interview with the G1 portal, the businessman also mentioned that Marcio Victor was not involved in the mess. In the pictures, members of the two groups are punching and throwing punches at each other.

Prega by Sirico Samba Trattor

The fans gave this shock When she watched the fight on social media: “I was at the show and I couldn’t believe it when I saw the cock break. It was an ugly deal. Disrespect to the audience.”

Despite the fight, people at the venue said the performance had resumed. However, gunshots were heard outside and the event had to be cancelled.

“After that, the mood calmed down and the band organized to play. But when [Samba] Traitor started playing the first song, there was gunfire outside, and then the party had to end.”

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