Simaria appears surprised at the show and Simone moves

The Bahian singers announced their separation in August. Simon continued to fulfill contracted offers for the two

Bahia singer Cimaria, her sister Simone and the former duo surprised fans when they appeared on stage at Estancia Alto da Serra in Sao Paulo on Saturday evening (24). Bahian singer, who announced their separation in AugustAnd shake the audience with a hug. This was the last show booked on Simone and Cimmeria’s schedule, however Just keep achieving it SimonAnd that After her sister left for health reasons.

“Whoever wants to see Simon and Cimmeria raise their hands!” Bahian said as she appeared on stage in surprise. When she saw her sister, Simone began to cry, but was comforted by her sister, who said one of the two’s most famous phrases: “Don’t cry!” Fans in the audience recorded everything.

The reunion went viral on social media and drew a lot of reactions. “So cute, even without these two, they’re loving sisters,” one netizen commented. Another person said, “I love them so much, but I’ve never been a fan of the crying fan club here. I imagine the crowd will be running after them both.”

Simon also waved to the musicians she worked with. “Jeez, I miss this band, boy.”

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