The Nashville shelter says the photos “broke the Internet,” sparking interest in adopting the dog.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Hug your dog, everyone.

When one Nashville Animal Shelter Named a litter of puppies after the Backstreet Boys, he probably wasn’t expecting to meet the actual members of the founding boy band.

The Nashville Humane Association shared photos last week of dogs named after each member of the Backstreet Boys, plus one named “Millennium” after the band’s 1999 album. But they weren’t the only Backstreet Boys in town: Dog Names was in Nashville for their “DNA World Tour.”

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“These dogs were invited to meet them and assist them in a special production shoot,” Panah said on Instagram on Monday. “As you can see from the photos in this post, it was a bigger than life experience for everyone involved! We are raising awareness for adoption for 9-10 week old Shepherd Mix shelter pups. Thank you so much for this superstardom support!”

“It’s time for the world to stop playing with dogs’ hearts,” Shelter said. Most were available for adoption starting Tuesday, with AJ and Howie ready later this week.

So were people interested in adopting Backstreet Boy? The shelter said via email Tuesday that the post “broke the Internet” on its social media pages, generating a lot of interest in the puppies.

“If ever there was a moment of 6 degrees of separation (plus unconditional love) from Backstreet Boy… now’s your chance! And we’re all sure you want it. Because all these chicks promise That he will never break your heart,” Panah wrote.

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