in high hour From Saturday (17) Sergio Grosman He denied reports of his exit from the programming network. the globe After 22 years. The 72-year-old lieutenant colonel said the speculation was not recent, but not ongoing. He said, “Not now.”

“Someone always says Altas Horus won’t be 22 next year,” Celebrity began. “Look every year, the season will be, I don’t know what, he doesn’t want it anymore, Globo doesn’t want it anymore, it’s over.” One day they got it right, but not anymore,” he added.

Later this year, Rumors that the bowl is Horus The station’s consistent programming network in Rio de Janeiro will be dropped. And according to the rumors that have circulated, Gravity will appear in the seasons, as happened in other programs such as Conversa Com Pele.

Other sources are also speculating that Globo will produce a summer edition, with outdoor recordings on a beach on the coast of São Paulo, as a test of the season’s new format.

Serginho Groizmann has already denied retirement rumours

In January 2021, when he celebrated the 1,000-copy mark for Altas Horace, Serginho Grozmann denied rumors of his retirement. “I don’t know when to stop … I know time goes by, we do it day by day and every time we have something to celebrate we celebrate it.” […] If it wasn’t for the pandemic, this thousandth event would be a huge festival project,” he told Gshow.

For the near future, he revealed that he plans to write an autobiography and create a new program in the form of a talk show with more extensive guest interviews. Celebrate “Ever since high school, and as a journalist, I’ve had the idea of ​​writing about things I’ve seen or been involved in, which includes a lot of things. There is a lot of history,” he said.

He said of Altas Horus, Even after 22 years in the air, there is room for improvement🇧🇷[Temos que] You see what can be awakened, what can be improved in the people’s desire to see this face that has been seen on TV for a long time.

Yesterday, Serginho announced that on January 7 Milton Nascimento will return with a special event. Because next weekend will be Christmas and New Year, with different programming from Globo.

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