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Alarming to netizens following the Altas Horas presenter, the medium’s message quickly backfired

Known on the internet for giving many predictions on the lives of celebrities, Bianca is sensitive I used social media to create a profile Advance notice Sergio Grosman🇧🇷 According to the instrument, Commander of the Air Force high hour 2023 will be a complicated year, with many troubling events.

“Sergio Groisman! I see him very ill in 2023. I can see him leaving. It will not be a good year, there will be great loss. Watch out for falls and strokes.” He warned her in the caption of a photo she posted on Instagram.

The prediction went viral on the web and horrified, of course, those who follow the presenter. “It is bound in the name of Jesus!” , Netizens commented. “This woman brings nothing but bad news, God is more than that, she is bound in Jesus name. Amen.”another commented. “Oh God, what a fear! I have so much faith in these things… I was worried now!”, another commented. It should be noted that Serginho is 72 years old and has been working at TV Globo since 1999.

Recently, the presenter commented on this Rumors of his show being pulled from the network’s schedule🇧🇷 22 years ago someone always said ‘Altas Horus won’t happen next year’. Every year they say ‘Look, this season will be, I don’t know what, he doesn’t want it anymore, Globo doesn’t want it anymore, it’s over.’ , and one day they’ll get it right, but not right now. he said

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