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Gabriel Santana on BBB Chat — Photo: Luis Franca/gshow

3 hours ago

Overwhelmed by messages from loved ones in his professional and personal life, the now-former brother is overwhelmed by messages from colleagues, friends and family.

He can’t hold back his emotions and cry at the sight of the actress. Alan BurgessIn which he played the role of his mother Remake inPantanal“Your father, Paul AlbertHis “real” mother, Marissayour sister, Caroland her best friend, iris!

A very cute moment wipes are! 💖

Gabriel Santana receives a message from Pantanal’s Aline Borges – Photo: Globo
Gabriel Santana received a message from his father on BBB chat – Image: Globo
Gabriel Santana receives messages from his mother, sister and best friend on BBB chat – Image: Globo

3 hours ago

In one of Beit-Papo’s most anticipated moments, Gabriel Santana received a special gift from me. Vivian Amorim That’s it Patricia Ramos: A character-themed blouse with one of his catchphrases, as said at the start of the game.

Gabriel Santana received a personalized blouse with his phrase in an elimination gift – Photo: Globo

3 hours ago

Discovered that Marvella was a friend Thiago Pantagliao, Gabrielle Santana wasted no time asking the singer to perform her out of reality. The actor was surprised to learn that the artist responded a fan out here

Gabriel wasted no time and revealed that the benefit is still on! In response, he is still playing Bruna Griffo, who is interested in the season.

Gabriel Santana responds to Thiago Pantaleo’s line on BBB chat – Image: Globe

3 hours ago

Entering the network with more than two million fans, Gabriel Santana admitted to the presenters that while he is inside, he dreams that he will leave with twice as many followers.

The actor then realizes that he has only three lakhs follower And he celebrates: “So happy!”

Gabriel Santana comments on follower growth – Photo: Globo

3 hours ago

Gabriel Santana is out in the rankings

Gabriel Santana keeps track of the disqualification – Photo: G Shaw

4 hours ago

In Quadro Hubla Even, Gabriel Santana talks about the two brothers

Gabriel Santana participates in the Hubla Even panel – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

Deu Baum au Deu Ruim stars Gabriel Santana

The former brother answers the presenters’ questions:

Gabriel Santana comments on “God is a good or bad God” – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

Gabriel Santana comments on his bisexuality

The former brother explains that he has not set a date to tell people about his bisexuality: “I talked a lot with my boyfriend, one of my socialites, Chris, I said, ‘Man, I’m not going to avoid it. The situation I want, if it happens, it happens.’

He recalls a conversation with his friend: “I told her that it wouldn’t be the first thing I said when I got home: ‘Hey guys, I’m bisexual’ and I was the first thing. When I got home,” he comments with a smile.

Gabriel Santana Commentary on Bisexuality – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

Gabriel Santana sees Fred Nicasio’s kiss and the doctor’s husband’s reaction

Noting that Fred Nicasio’s husband Fabio Gelonis found the kiss between the two adorable, the ex-brother commented: “Oh.”

Gabriel Santana looks on as husband Fred Nicasio comments on their kiss – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

Gabrielle Santana commented on whether Sara Allen was jealous of seeing her with Ricardo

Asked if he felt jealous when he saw Ricardo and Sarah Allen together, the ex-brother commented: “I swear I don’t because Sarah and I already said we’d better stop coming on the show.”

Gabriel Santana watches his kiss with Sarah Allen – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

Gabrielle Santana comments on a possible alliance with Fred

The former brother commented on the conversation that caused controversy in the house: “I remember it was me, Black and Ricardo in the gym and I remember saying the metaphor that gave the big ruffles: ‘A gentleman’s agreement’ is not something. Signed, not written, but thought. .

He goes on to explain: “From what Fred said there, which I’ve been analyzing in the same way, it seems to me to be very similar to what you said and what he said.”

Gabriel Santana comments on potential deal with Fred at BBB 23 – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

Gabriel Santana comments on Bruna Griffot: ‘I love her’

The actor commented on his relationship with Bruna GrippoThe former brother claims that he is not in love, but he points out: “Honestly, I like her, but she is not the kind of woman I usually relate to.”

The former brother comments that he was beyond Bruna Griffao, but says, “I think I was playing with her in a way. If I had won Angel, I wouldn’t have gone to Paredao this week, for example.

Commentary by Gabriel Santana on Bruna Grifao – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

A Path in Numbers by Gabriel Santana

Gabriel Santana runs into him and comments: “Had no clue, right? I was very upset with myself about this, I thought I could win two or three leaders and some angels, but I didn’t, I only won one angel.

Gabriel Santana’s Run Number – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

Gabriel Santana BBB 23 rates emojis received on the Queridometer

Seeing which emojis he received the most, the former brother comments on Queridometer:

Gabriel Santana looking at the Queridometer – Image: gshow

4 hours ago

Gabriel Santana explains the voice to Amanda and Elaine Werley

The actor commented: “Gabriel is a good guy, this and that, but he was in the game. What really drew me to the game was the connections. Allen That’s it Amanda They will be people who I don’t mind voting for established relationships.”

Gabriel Santana comments on his opinion – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

Gabrielle Santana enters the BBB chat

Ex-Brother looks at the photo and when Vivian Amorim asks him if he is satisfied with his post, Ex-Brother comments:

Gabriel Santana comments on his engagement – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

Eliminated from BBB 23, Gabriel Santana takes first selfie: “Little fly appreciates all the love”

The actor was the 11th to leave BBB 23 this Tuesday, 28/3, with 56.45% of the vote.

After talking to Tadeu Schmidt on the reality stage, the former brother goes to BBB chat with him Vivian Amorim That’s it Patricia Ramos.

But before that, he took his first selfie as ex-BBB and wrote in the caption:

Gabriel Santana’s First Selfie – Photo: gshow

4 hours ago

Focus on gshow! 👊

@gshow wants to know: What killed Gabriel Santana? opinion

Patricia Ramos and Vivian Amorim show the gshow poll – Photo: gshow

5 hours ago

I started chatting!

Vivian Amorim That’s it Patricia Ramos Awaiting the arrival of Gabriel Santana To comment on the actor’s career in the show.

Patricia Ramos and Vivian Amorim on BBB Chat – Photo: gshow

5 hours ago

Are they! 💄

Patricia Ramos That’s it Vivian Amorim Ready for another BBB chat. On the night of Tuesday 3/28, the presenters received the eleventh person eliminated from the show.

Patricia Ramos and Vivian Amorim at Beit-Papo BBB 23 – Photo: gshow/Louise Franca

6 hours ago

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