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Born on Monday (26/12), little Aurora is the daughter of surfer Pedro Scobie and model Cynthia Decker and has undergone two surgeries. Scooby revealed this in a video on his Instagram.

“People are worried, they send messages every day. Well, Aurora had an operation yesterday, when I gave birth and today I had another operation. This is a critical moment in my life,” said the surfer.

“As positive a person as I can be. I am still very positive. People close to me already knew this was happening, my children and their mother too,” he added, without elaborating on the problem that necessitated her surgery.

“Just leave it here, but okay. Everything will be fine. As for online discussions, I will not comment, because I think the Internet is not a place to solve family problems. That’s it, okay kisses, God bless everyone there. Thanks for all the messages. “We accept requests and positive messages together,” concluded the former BBB.

Scooby announced her birth on Tuesday (27/12) with some pictures of the birth moment. The pictures were taken in the operating room, with Cynthia Decker still lying on the hospital table and visibly emotional. “Aurora is already among us! Thank you for all the messages of affection and love!” the parent wrote in the caption.

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