since last night Shoe face was showing problems withBBB 23″. The UFC fighter complained about the cleanliness of the house, but became the target of “jokes” from the house, which did not please him.

You understand:

  • Shoe Face complained to the brothers about the dirty dental floss in the sink.
  • In response, Some participants decided to play with the fighter And left a thong hanging from the drain.
  • Buta was very angry
  • Amanda calmed her brother down and said it was a joke
  • Sabato wondered how Amanda knew the joke, but she denied it and did not reveal who the author of the “prank” was.
  • Then the sister went to the other participants and told them not to play the game anymore. warned that he was “caught in the air”.
  • In the morning, Sabato received an anonymous text saying, “Your patience is hanging by a thread.”.
  • Flat-Face saw the jokes as “disrespectful” and thought the other group was trying to “catch shit”.
  • Amanda warns the participants of Sabato’s wrath, and Bruna Griffeau assumes that she and her allies are responsible for the prank. “It was a bit of a joke,” the chief said.

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