Regina Duarte is booed at the theater in SP

The actress and former culture minister was given a warm welcome at the Teatro da Liberdade in downtown São Paulo on Saturday.

Actress and former Culture Secretary in Govt Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Regina Duarte The booing took place on Saturday (October 29, 2022) at the Teatro da Liberdade in the heart of São Paulo. In a video posted on social media, the actress is shown flaunting: “Bolsonaro Exit”; From “genocide”.

The actress went to see the music “Club da Esquina – Dreams Are Not Old”, which presents the history of the Club da Esquina. In the video, a smiling Regina walks in and shows Bolsonaro’s “Santino” affixed to the back of her cell phone.

Hours (one minute and 21 seconds):

Regina He announced his withdrawal from the federal government On May 20, 2020, but it was Officially From the stand on June 10, 2020. in He lives Bolsonaro said on Facebook that the actress “I Miss Your Family”But he will take your cinema “So you can continue to contribute to Brazilian government and culture”.

In May 2020, in an interview with the channel CNN BrazilRegina he said ‘There was always harassment’ And he sees no reason for it “look back”Referring to the period of military dictatorship in Brazil.

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