Rede was the record Affected by pirate attacks On Saturday (8) significantly, radio broadcasts were affected so far. While no official statement has been released, reports from sources close to the company reveal the havoc created by the work of cybercriminals, who used ransomware to grab the company’s files.

According to information obtained by journalist Felipe Baiao from Techmundo, the registration was affected by an attack using Blackcat ransomware distributed as a service by hackers. Apart from grabbing the broadcaster’s files and demanding a ransom for their release, the criminals allegedly gained access to the network map along with employee data, broadcaster credentials and financial information.

However, the hacker’s attack also draws attention to its effects on the recording screen. Since the start of the attack, the network has done its best to continue programming. Sources close to the company have revealed some of the implications of the cybercrime law in the TV station’s production routine.

Intermittent programming

The first results of the hacker attack were visible on Saturday morning: the attack caused a hasty halt to the recording’s programming, making it difficult to broadcast the attractions live.

Because of this, the presenter suspended the press program, Fala Brasil, and replaced it with Todo Mundo Odeya o Chris, which was shown on Saturday mornings. Watch the moment the suspected attack began in the video above.

Use of physical media and playback

With so many digital files intercepted by hackers, records had to scramble to keep programming on the air. According to journalist Riccardo Feltrin’s sources, the company requested files on physical media such as memory cards – now, the company intends to archive physical files to ensure further protection against such actions.

The programming schedule has also changed due to the work of cyber criminals. Hora Do Faro, which airs on Sunday, has brought back the popular Vai Dar Namoro instead of an unprecedented version.

Hora do Faro was one of those affected by the hacker attack.

The last-minute discarding of unpublished material and interviews also affected journalist Domingo Espitacular and Camera Record. The company had to replace content with stories or replays that were edited in near real time.

ibope cannot be reached

In addition to the affected programs, the attack could also affect the television station’s monitoring of audience data. According to journalist Ricardo Feltrin, access to ibope’s information is limited and can only be done through the Kantar website.

Previously, public information could be accessed via smartphone, but only by a few high-ranking users of the company. Despite access restrictions, hacker attacks are alleged to have compromised data, making it difficult to find information.

A ransom demand?

While the circumstances are unclear, Record has not released an official statement regarding the attack, with reports from sources close to the company indicating that the company is awaiting more information from the hackers, such as a ransom request. Common to ransomware attacks, ransomware is a step in which cybercriminals demand money from the victim and promise to release the seized files.

However, it is important to note that security experts do not recommend paying, as it encourages this type of fraud to continue. Additionally, in some cases, even hackers cannot open the file, as some ransomware uses advanced and sophisticated encryption.

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