Record TV evaluates Moranguino's elimination in 'A Fazenda 14' |  Erlan Bastos column

Eileen Cardoso, better known as Moranguino, takes serious risks in the rural reality of Chronicles. According to the exclusive investigation of Erlan Bastos columnA decision by the Sao Paulo broadcaster following the condition of singer-songwriter Naldo Benny on Tuesday (11) could change the course of the match at Itapecerica da Serra.

Hold an emergency meeting behind the scenes on the record Naldo Bini confirmed that he was responsible for sending the helicopter, by Fabia Oliveira from EM OFF. Outside interference from family members and/or close friends is inconsistent with the rules of confinement and is also a breach of contract. Except when fans try to interfere with the famous sound car, but this time the “criminal” took the same position.

Strawberry Shortcake has no idea that his participation in the reality show is in jeopardy. There is a tense atmosphere in the lane of records at Barra Funda and in the interior of São Paulo, the main attraction. Adrian Gallistio, the show’s presenter, is already on site to lead the live version. Remember, there’s another lineup from Roca and Elaine Cardoso this Tuesday in the Bay. Will we get kicked out at the last minute?

“I love her so much. Of course it was me! It was a declaration of love for a home sick husband. “ They launched Carioca Naldo. The artist denied that he sent any message or note to Strawberry Shortcake: “[Apenas] petals; But she knows it was me. I’m sure she is!

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