Flora Matos during the show in Belem, Para. Image: Reproduction

Singer Floras Matos said on Monday (19) that she had a “misunderstanding” after her performance in Belem was interrupted, at the Psica festival. During the show, the rapper complains about organizing the event and says you can hear the band playing alongside him.

Two shows at the same time are not enough. Sorry guys. utmost respect Flora said on the main stage, “Brother, without condition, he arranged to hear another play of another troupe.”

As is customary with music festivals, Psica had more than one show at the same time. The event has three stages, as there are at least two attractions at the same time. On the small stage was a reggaeton band from Paraná.

Despite the fans clapping during the event, netizens complained about the artists’ attitude and wrote that on the other day of the festival, none of the singers had any problems: “Three days of the event and all the artists performed well with the artists in other places as well. .” Crystalzinho stopped the show and left the stage,” one user wrote. A netizen said: “She wanted to be a star and play alone.”

After the negative impact on social networks, Flora Matos said through her Instagram profile that she agreed with the organization of the event that she could not do another presentation without her.

“It’s not comfortable doing a show where your voice intersects with someone else’s voice. It hurts the quality of what we do,” the rapper reasoned.

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