Rafaela Justos and her younger sister stand suspended 60 meters above the ground

Rafaela Justos and her little sister Vicky are surprised to see them on the zip line

girl Rafaela JustosShe, age 13, and her little sister Vicki, age 2, all wonder about a great adventure! The two went on a zipline with Vicky’s mom and stepmom Rafa, along with digital influencer Anna Paula Seibert.

on the zip line, Rafaela Justos, Vicky and Anna Paula suspended 60 meters from the ground! They drove a 400 meter road! The adventure happened during a family trip to Campos do Jordão.
Anna Paula Seibert showed how adventurous it is on her social networks. “Vicky is brave and you?! Hahaha! Ravinia and I took her on the zipline for the first time and guess what?! Finally she wanted more! That’s pretty bold for a petite size!” The digital influencer said!

The preparation before going into the zipline was also shown. “The wiki is getting ready! Wearing her gear, are you a happy girl? Hands up who’s happy! येईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईईई राफा आता येत आहे,” अण्णा पॉला म्हणाली.

Then I explained that getting to the starting point in the zipline was not easy. “It’s a good thing she’ll be quiet,” said Anna Paula, “and now let’s go 170 degrees with her in our arms, let’s go.” “So, Vicky, are you ready? girl are you ready Let’s go then!” said Anna Paula, before they went on the zipline.

Netizens praised the girl’s courage Cien Benero And that Robert FairAnd that Rafaela Justos and wiki. One netizen commented: “Oh, what a brave girl!” Another user said: “I can’t believe it! The bravest!” A netizen added: “Vicky is braver than me! I’ve already stopped twice on the zipline and didn’t go!”.

But some netizens also disagreed with Anna Paula’s decision to take her two-year-old daughter on the zip line. One netizen commented: “I thought it was stupid for a baby.” Another user said: “I found him reckless too. But mother is Anna for sure. But I will not let my daughter go at this age.

Instagram clone Raffaella Justos, Vicky and Anna Paola on the zipline

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