Prince William will inherit a billionaire;  Check the value of the property

King Charles III assumed the highest position in the monarchy and I inherited a fortune About 425 million euros from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. First in line for your son and throne Prince WilliamThe new emperor leaves Duchy of Cornwall.

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Established by King Edward III in 1337, the duchy covers 567 square kilometers of land and property, mostly in southwest England. The new ownership made William the largest landowner in the country.

With a value of R$ 6.2 billion, a large part of its profits are used to fund public, private and charitable initiatives. Last year, the property’s profit was 23 million pounds (137.32 million Brazilian reals).

One property in the portfolio is the Oval Cricket Ground in central London. The ground has been leased by Surrey County Cricket Club since 1874. The list also includes Dartmoor Prison and the Park Center in Lostville, Cornwall.

a the prince He and his wife, Catherine, also inherited a residential development in Nansledon, a development of 4,000 homes and a main road expected to take three decades to complete.

Succession of Charles III

The new British monarch inherits the Duchy of Lancaster, another large private holding of commercial, agricultural and residential real estate. Charles III also begins to hold, albeit symbolically, the assets of the royal establishment, such as land, jewels and works of art.

Another source of the King’s income is the annual sovereign grant from the British Treasury, which corresponds to 15% of the Crown’s treasury profits. The private fortune left by his mother is about 425 million euros (2.198 billion Brazilian reals).

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