Pétala Barreiros exits “A Fazenda” in the final segment of the program (Photo: Disclosure)

Directed Petal Barrios inFarm 14This Monday (5), some viewers may have been surprised, but the people who tried to get her out of the program yesterday have not seen the family. Adelia Soares, a former BBB and pedestrian attorney, explains that she entered Peta with an out-of-court notice at the request of family members, and that he complied with the decision.

“She announced that she no longer wanted to be on the show, the bell had already rung and they still haven’t taken any action to depose her, open the door and leave. It was her wish and the wish of the family,” confirms the lawyer in an interview with Yahoo.

In fact knowing it Devlane Belera left the programPetal wanted to follow the same path. She and other members of “Group A”. Actress Barbara Borges disagrees with wrongful dismissalJoe returned to headquarters on Saturday (3) after spending the day in the fields.

“Her family didn’t share the reason, they gave me the decision to terminate the contract, I guess the sum of my understanding is that Petla was treated unfairly in a program that affected her emotionally,” Adelia reported.

Upon termination of the Agreement, the withdrawing Participant forfeits all Program Fees and Prizes. Adelia also said that she will soon meet with Petala and Devlane to hear what they have to say and see if they plan to sue on the record.

She concluded, “This decision is due to the autonomy of ex-workers. I will meet both of them in the next few days and only after that will check if there is any intention.

Diolan celebrated the surrender of the fire

Shortly after Peta learned that Barreiros had also left the reality show, Dulan Bezera Stories were published celebrating the decision.

“Come, my love, come into the big world. Come, come, see the cup,” Allie celebrated.

Then Thiago Ramos, who was kicked out of the edition after an altercation with Cheyenne Hagbin, went to meet the two. “Respect Group A,” he shouted.

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