And PodDelas This Tuesday, Petal Barrios Comment on his experience actually show 🇧🇷farmAnd their experiences did not fail to meet the controversy that accompanied it Livia Andrade🇧🇷 On the podcast, celebrities continued to exchange criticism with the presenter.

“But now comes compensation,” the former A Fazenda said in an interview.

After the comment, the businesswoman confirmed that she had suffered a lot because of the false accusations and added that she would no longer face the matter, because she was “not at the bar counter”, but at the live event.

Today, Livia Andrade was ordered to pay PETA to Barreros in the amount of R$45,000. Along with the decision, the Globo host spoke out and emphasized that she “didn’t want to make news using important people, causes or processes.”

“Unfortunately, I had to defend myself publicly in the face of false accusations. I was involved in a story that was not mine and was used by unscrupulous people, so I had to go to court. Proceedings are in court and in the hands of my lawyers where they should be “.

Both have criticized each other on social media. Lívia Andrade left a hint, asking how one can earn more than CPF.

In turn, Petala Barreiros responded to the comment, announcing that her PIX was her phone number, not her CPF number.

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