Peony plants have trouble taking care of the cow and complain to me

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10/28/2022 8:50 amUpdate in 28/10/2022 08:56

Despite the quiet morning at headquartersfarm 2022″ (RecordTV), the day comes alive for Pia and Andre.

After a delegation from the farmer Pele, the Fiennes who were tending the cow and the bull had trouble fitting the halter to the cow. Iran tried to help the couple, but the pawns in Group A struggled until the problem was resolved. The actor celebrated when they were both able to complete the task.

Biya asks Iran if the cow can kick, and he says yes. After stopping at the cow, Bee said to Andre and Iran, “Hey, you’ve got me all over the place,” she said. “The cow threw up and sneezed everywhere, there was nowhere to run,” said the mare in a gentle tone. Passersby laughed with her and kept counting: “I had to go there.”

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