The surfer informed about the condition of the newborn girl. Arora underwent two surgeries immediately after giving birth on Tuesday

December 28
– 22:28

(Updated at 10:40 PM)

Pedro Scobi updates on the health of his newborn daughter.

Photo: Playback, Instagram/Purepeople

Peter Scobie An update on the health status of their daughter, Arora, who underwent surgery Two surgeries Shortly after giving birth, Tuesday d. The surfer has yet to reveal the reason for the surgeries, but he reassured followers who have been sending horrified messages.

“I’m here to thank you for all your prayers and love. Aurora has improved a lot. We are very happy. God willing, she can get out of there soon,” the surfer captioned her Instagram.

At the same time that he was going through a delicate moment with his daughter, Pedro Scobi had a fight with Luana Piovani on social networks. This is because the actress explained that her ex-husband did not respond to her and that she was worried about the children, because Scooby would not have time to take care of the newborn.

While recording the new story, Scooby explained that he was at home watching the children and later, he would go to the hospital to visit his daughter. “I came home now and Cynthia stayed with her mother. I came home here to stay with the kids for a while and shop with them. That’s it, I’ll be back there later,” explained the surfer, who has already revealed that Cynthia is pregnant.

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